"Closer to the pain"​,​taken from "Fragments of the inner shadow" 2013




Full, official track from the concept-album "Fragments of the inner shadow", released worldwide via Puresteel Records on october 25th, 2013.


Closer to the pain

We have built these walls
Around our tortured souls
Not to lose, everything we are

Now we´re drifting all in sorrow
Patiently, the shadows wait for me

But deep inside a lights alive
Guiding me right through these times

I´m looking for the truth inside me
Painfully dry, the tears upon my face
My growing wrath is filled with passion
Far too long, I´m wading through this pain

1. Never turn your back to a wounded one
You´ll feel the cold in your neck
It shivers down your spine
Time`s standing still
I´m standing right behind


You are standing right inside
Inside the center of my light
And you are closer now…
You´re closer to the pain

For all time you´ll close your eyes
Finally you will be mine
And you are closer now
You´re closer to the pain

2. I will show you fear and all that died
Too many tormented souls
The children found a way
To make you pay
So you should crawl on your knees


released October 25, 2013
Carsten Hille-vocals
Andreas Waldow-guitar
Carsten Maiwald-guitar
Volker Scholz-bass
Sascha Sauer-drums



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100 % Power-Metal made in GERMANY !!! Worldwide Deal with Pure Steel Records/Pure Underground Records!!! New album coming soon ... so get prepared, for a journey into the land of shadows... in summer 2013 ...

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